About Eternit

Eternit specializes in corrugated iron products, which are mainly used in the agricultural sector in Europe. Eternit is part of the Etex Group, a Belgian industrial group specialized in building materials. The Etex Group is a global organization with activities in 42 countries and more than 12,500 employees.

The question

The client wanted to zoom in on the sustainable employability of its employees. To this effect, the company organized a Safety Day. Etex was looking for a partner to give sessions acout ‘Stress Management’.

The program had to be stimulating and interactive, with self-reflection moments as well as
experiential collaboration exercises. The sessions were organized for about 120 employees from the different departments: production, logistics, maintenance, sales and administration.

The choice for YourCoach

The quality of the workshop and the trainers was very important to the customer.

During the Safety Day at Eternit Belgium, some employees of Eternit Netherlands also participated in a workshop of Yourcoach. The employees were immediately enthusiastic about the creative approach. Based on that experience, the client decided to work with Yourcoach as well.

The goals

The objectives of this workshop about ‘Stress Management’ were:

  • Learning how to measure stress in an intuitive way
  • Learning to reduce and deal with stress
  • Learning to recognize stress signals in different areas: mentally, emotionally, physically and socially, both with oneself and with the colleagues.
  • Getting a clearer picture of oneself under pressure.
  • By doing short and stimulating exercises, experiencing how one feels about others, and how one sometimes – unconsciously and unintentionally – causes stress to others.
  • Learning to reduce stress and lower ‘tension’
  • Learning to support one’s colleagues in stressful situations
  • Returning to work refreshed and inspired.


The workshop ‘Stress Management’

The workshop was interactive with simple but effective physical exercises to learn how to deal with stress. Especially the way in which the workshop is given was seen by the client as a typical YourCoach way: interactive, with surprising exercises. Images and movement instead of just sitting and talking. And of course with the necessary humor even with a serious subject, so that it remained discussable and digestible. The trainers also created space for the participants to share their personal experiences. This was experienced as very positive by the client.

The result for the client

The theme of stress was effectively addressed during the workshop. The employees were provided with practical and creative tools that they will continue to work with. The client wants to tackle this theme further with a workgroup within the organization in order to also tackle the underlying causes of stress at work if necessary.