Do you want to improve your coaching skills?
Do you need help building your coaching practice?
Can you use some support in your further growth?

Your growth as a coach happens in different aspects. That’s why mentor coaching comes in different shapes and sizes. Discussing concrete cases, dealing with personal patterns that are interfering with your work as a coach, but also taking a closer look at your marketing and pricing.

We are happy to help you become the best coach you can be. Your next step might be in the field of:

  • “How do I get (more) customers?”

    Business coaching: product creation, marketing, quality labels, networking, sales…

  • “How do I handle…?”
    Discussing difficult cases and clients. Finding new possibilities for acting or adopting another coach attitude.

  • “This one thing keeps happening to me”
    That’s no coincidence! You attract what you emit. Tackling internal blockages that prevent you from having more impact with your customers.

  • “Am I doing okay?”
    Working towards more (self-)confidence as a coach.

  • “I want to become an ICF-coach”
    Individual guidance in obtaining your ICF accreditation (ACC, PCC or MCC)

  • “What about me…?”
    You do so much for other, don’t forget yourself! Attention to your own personal growth trajectory in all possible areas.

ICF Certified and experienced

We are ICF certified at MCC level, equivalent to at least 2500 hours of coaching. We are actively practicing coaches and our coach training is known throughout Flanders. So it's safe to say we offer official quality and valuable experience.

These hours count as supervision for obtaining your ICF accreditation (ACC, PCC and MCC accreditation)! You need 10 hours of supervision to submit your application.


How does mentor coaching work?

We offer separate sessions, but still advise you to go for a longer trajectory. It is important for both parties, for you and your coach, to be able to develop a coaching relationship in the long term. The better your mentor coach knows you, the more efficiently and thoroughly you can work.

You can always choose between live sessions or online sessions.

Our coaching programs are eligible for KMO-Portefeuille with which you can get up to 30% discount. In some cases you can also make use of career cheques.

Need a mentor coach?

Contact us to discuss your growth journey as a coach, to book a first appointment or an intake interview.

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