Coaching means guiding people in discovering their potential so they can live with more autonomy and responsibility. It frees up existing resources by creating insights. It opens up a field of possibilities by defining one's personal and/or professional objectives. This is achieved by asking the right questions, giving assignments and feedback.

Coaching at YourCoach comes in two forms: life coaching and team coaching.

Life coaching

The aim of your life coach is to bring out the best in you. He supports and encourages you in your personal and professional growth by guiding you while you define your personal goals, and take the first steps to reach them.

He can also be a good listener when you're having a hard time. An inspiring person that you can chart your unique world with, and that helps you discover yourself anew. Someone you can completely be yourself with. That lets you discover qualities that you may not have known you possessed. And that can help you formulate a solution.

The coaches at YourCoach work with a combination of internationally recognised conversational and written techniques from the fields of NLP, transactional analysis, general psychology and so on. This allows them to stimulate powerful and permanent positive change in you.

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Team coaching

In organisations, the situation is different than with individuals: there is a group of co-workers that need to work together on a long-term basis, creating leadership and social structures. YourCoach endeavours to develop a team towards a more harmonious cooperation and communication within the given context. After team coaching, the team is able to work together towards common goals.

In a good team, the team building happens constantly and by the team members themselves. The team players remind each other of agreements that were made and work together effectively. Conflicts and hindrances to cooperation are solved within the group, with respect for each other's values.

YourCoach looks at and plays with the group dynamics to solve conflicts and tensions. Group members are trained to coach one another and solve conflicts independently.

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