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Achieving collective goals is essential to any organisation. That’s why we need leaders that guide co-workers, teams and departments towards those objectives. Every organisation and objective is different, and presents challenges in its own unique way.

We work with 2 specific forms of leadership that create better communications, easier cooperation and more cohesion.

Coaching Leadership

Coaching Leadership differs from classic leadership in that it seeks to strengthen team members through reaching their own objectives. It aims to bring out the individual qualities and to bundle those together into a strong team.

We offer an experience-based approach where you can feel the impact of coaching leadership yourself. You can apply what you learn in your own work environment immediately.

Systemic Leadership

Beyond person-based leadership (‘Who am I as a person and as a leader?’), we also work with a unique approach that focuses on the leader within the system (‘Who am I to the organisation? What is being asked from me/my team?’).

By shifting the focus from ‘the leader’ to ‘the leader within the system’, we create other perspectives and solutions. Both in the capacities of the leader as in the position of the co-workers.

Remote leadership

Our familiar working environment has looked completely different since March 15, 2020 – and this places a great burden on us. To ensure the progress of the company, it is necessary to adjust and maybe even reinvent some working methods. The most important change is no longer physical collaboration – we now largely work at home, collaborating remotely. This requires a new type of leadership: “how do you build and safeguard a culture in remote working?” And “how do you ensure that you can adequately respond to what customers are asking for while keeping your entire team engaged?”.

It is difficult to predict what the future can and will bring. But we can say that working from home has a great chance of survival and for many this requires different leadership skills. Starting from your specific situation, we provide you with practical techniques and tips to lead your remote team as efficiently as possible so that they achieve the desired results, work well and with motivation and organize their tasks in a smart way.


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