Our Mission & Vision

We have our feet firmly planted on the ground, and we only teach what works in real life. We continue to educate ourselves and develop new methods and techniques ourselves. Theory is interesting, but does not necessarily lead to change. In everything we do, we go for concrete impact on the job and life of our clients. It shows in the feedback our clients give us.

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10 Reasons

  • Official quality
    We search for and provide the highest possible standard in everything we do. That is why we work with proven and internationally recognized methods and techniques. We have garnered years of experience with these techniques, allowing us to work with them at an extraordinary level. We have several quality labels, as proof of our ability to deliver results in a professional and reproducible way.
  • In line with the latest innovations
    We continue to develop better formats. Because what worked yesterday is old news today – especially when it comes to personal development. Our parameters for powerful formats are: simple, efficient and result-oriented. This is also what makes timeless technology unique. We select the best formats for you so what you learn from us, will stick to you for years.
  • Online coachings & training
    The world is becoming more and more digitised, especially since Corona. This also applies to coaching, training and personal development. So we do not only offer live coaching and training, but we also offer our programs online. In addition, we excel in the high interactivity and surprising working methods we use to meet the inherent challenges of online learning and development.
  • Extensive framework
    Our learning environment is professionally equipped, with extensive course material and an online platform. All courses take place in Loft 26, our own seminar space in the renovated Ghent Docks. In a bright and luxurious hall, you will find all facilities for a pleasant and memorable course, including fresh lunch and delicious coffee or tea. Our 1-on-1 coachings take place in De Overkant, our own coaching hub in Ghent with 6 fully equipped practice rooms. Also online, our infrastructure is fully developed, with an Academy and professional online spaces.

The people

  • Specialised trainers & coaches
    Our team members are specialists in their field. They are also trained with us so that we all speak the same language. We excel in learning by experience, in intuitive and powerful coaching, in working with what presents and what is needed.
  • A strong ‘Walk your talk’-level
    Everything we bring, we personally use in our lives and in our coaching practice. You only get what works, with real people. We don’t do anything that we won’t and can’t do ourselves. You don’t just get some nice theories, but you get the best experiences of success stories that we have experienced and coached ourselves.
  • Community
    You are not alone (anymore)! We are actively building a community of like-minded people. Those who are trained or coached by us, can continue to come and grow, in different ways. There are the practice moments for people in training, the monthly coach cafes with interesting speakers and our biannual open days where people can come to learn and meet each other for free.

Our style of learning and being

  • Experiential learning
    Thinking on its own does not lead to new behavior, so experiencing is central thing in everything we do. Not book knowledge, but practical assignments and experiences that are closely related to your surroundings. We give brief theory but only as a preparation for the practice. From Day 1, you go home with applicable insights, tools and assignments.
  • No idle chatter, and real people
    With us there are no suits and stiffness, no jargon nor hours of monologues. We provide clear and simple models. You teach to work with your intuition and unconscious in a down-to-earth way. Personal growth is already difficult and vulnerable enough without faking it, so the masks can be taken off and you bring yourself – so do we. That’s how real connection can arise, both 1-on-1 and in group – and real change.
  • Humor
    We take our work very seriously, but not ourselves. It’s not because you’re working on your deeper layers that it all has to be serious, quite the contrary. Our training courses are characterised by their relaxed style: you can have a good laugh. Humor is an indication that you are on the right path. When there can be levity and playfulness, there is also the right energy to bring about real change.

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