Would you like to learn more about your communication style and discover what effects this style has on your professional relations? Do you want to learn how we can use communication as an approach to look at yourself and others in a different way?

Non-violent communications

In this training we use Marshall Rosenbergh’s communication model. We turn the ‘small talk’ into real dialogue. We learn to connect with our interlocutor, in order to get to a deeper conversation. You learn to make clear what is important to you and why.

We offer a training in which we explain the communication model simply and clearly, but where most of the time is spent practicing in concrete situations.

Great communication

Our spirited equivalent and complement to Compassionate (or Non-violent) Communication. In this we explicitly express the divided responsibility between Sender and Receiver. Both become involved in the success of the communication.

We provide systemic tools that lead to a deeper form of communication. Not just about the situation, but about who the two sides are in relation to each other.

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