Discover and develop the human potential within your organisation

The success and durability of companies depends on the motivation and expertise of its employees. In order for professionals to achieve their full potential, personal, professional and organisational goals need to be aligned.

With individual coaching, YourCoach discovers and develops the potential of people in organisations. Using scientifically proven and internationally recognized techniques, we look for the best in each person, and give it a place within the organisation.

We find out what people are really good at, and where they potentially lose energy and time on. We map out the person and use this to set short and long-term goals. Then we draw up a concrete plan to achieve these.

Our processes take place in conversation with the organisation, in which collective objectives can be agreed upon. Both the person and the organisation are guided to a higher level of functioning.


Potential topics we can coach you in

Disturbed work-life balance;
Disrupted motivation;
Stress and burn-out symptoms;
Unsatisfaction with the work environment and/or job content;
Communication problems and difficult relationships;
Lack of insight into career opportunities;
Need for change, new direction;
Tutoring the transition to a new position in the company;
Upgrading leadership and management skills.

Why you should come to us?

Ever more, this assistance is expected from managers, confidential counselors or internal coaches. That doesn’t always work out: not enough time, not enough coaching training and/or experience… or an reason within the organisation: it doesn’t always feel safe to vent your heart with someone internal, and that might have a negative impact on your job or career opportunities.

As certified career-, stress and resilience coaches, coach tutors and trainers, we work with these subjects on a daily basis. We work with all kinds of profiles, from all kinds of sectors: government, bank, SMEs, healthcare, universities, the police, industry…

We see the parallels between all these worlds. In the end, it is always about people who carry out these jobs and function in these organisations, with their universal themes: feeling useful and appreciated, being socially accepted, developing talents, enough variation and assurance in work, a manageable yet challenging workload and range of responsibilities, seeing the impact of your own efforts….

We also see the differences. Every job, sector and organisation has its own uniqueness that we have to take into consideration. A worker from a national gardening company usually needs something else than a fancy marketeer at a digital office in a metropolis.

What characterises our approach is that we can work very flexibly with various personalities. Our strategy is wide-ranging and at the same time profound: we don’t hang on to certain steps and lists that need to be filled in.

All our coaches have a wide range of possibilities, which they use and adjust depending on the person. It is not the client who has to adapt to the work form, with us the way of working is adapted to the client. This ensures that sessions feel much more personal, reach deeper and remain longer.

Coaching is mainly talking and thinking. That’s interesting, you get new perspectives. The action after often turns out to be a lot more difficult.

We lose as little time as possible to blabla. The story is often confusing, while the essence underneath is simple. The longer we stay in the story, the more complex it becomes and the more difficult it becomes to get moving. That’s why we go straight to the essence of the question, below the surface, and work with creative and touchable formats.

That is what we are good at: making people move, so there will be a transformation and action. We believe that movement leads to insights, rather than that insights set people in motion. The opposite is often true: too much knowledge makes people stop reflecting, so that they no longer take action.

Coaching with us is experiential. Rather than thinking about it, like watching a film in your head, we let you experience the situation on the spot, in a coaching conversation. And from that experience we look for other possibilities, which you also experience on the spot as if they were there. To do so, we use different unique methods from different angles: Sensory Stacking, Sharing Work, Setups, Creative-physical work, Systemic Coaching…

"You will look at your own problems in a totally different way. Insights that you have never made before are brought to light, and in addition to that I may say that it has given me a lot of material to work with myself"

- Kevin, Logistic operator

Benefits of coaching for the organisation

  • Less turnovers
    Employees are less likely to run away when time, space and budget are spent on their personal and professional development.
  • Better performance and more qualitative work
    People gain insight into their qualities and weaknesses, as a result of which the available competencies are optimised and unnecessary frustration or stress is eliminated. Resistance to authority and change is reduced.
  • Employer Branding
    Coaching strengthens the bond with the company, and others will have known that. Employees become your biggest advertisement. You will become an appealing employer and be able to attract better profiles.
  • Better teamwork
    Motivated employees not only take greater responsibility in their own work, but also in working with others. Their enthusiasm is contagious.


Do you need individual coaching for your employees?

The results of coaching are undeniable: it offers new perspectives, increased resilience, better interpersonal effectiveness and greater self-confidence. It promotes productivity and self-responsibility.
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