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YourCoach guides and supports entrepreneurs in developing their business, and in (re)discovering their entrepreneurial passion.

As a novice and also as a successful entrepreneur you are often on your own. You can get plenty of advice, but no one will do it for you. And once your business is up and running, few people can hold an objective mirror up to you in order to optimize things.

An entrepreneur also has a career, although it rarely involves promotion. But there is always room for growth! A business coach offers you:

  • An objective sounding board for all your concerns, doubts and questions;
  • A clear view on your business plan;
  • A neutral side in conflicts;
  • An inspiring chat to get your courage back.

Enterprise Coaching with YourCoach

Our approach to business coaching is significantly different from the standard approach that you find in other organisations. We work from our own entrepreneurial experience, and offer a personalised and independent service.

An tailor-made approach

Many companies work with fixed models. Since everything has to fall within certain standards, their employees are limited in what they can and are allowed to do. You get international templates and an impersonal approach that are certainly valuable, but also limited.

Business coaching with YourCoach is based on a deep understanding of personal identity models, and practical experience in transcending their limitations. We redefine your entire frame of mind so that you can go out of the box again. We offer things that are beyond the average and generally accepted, and that work.

Entrepreneur coaching by and for entrepreneurs

YourCoach was created out of our own search for the work that suited us. The right content, a good remuneration, appreciation… After a long search we decided we’d have to make it ourselves.

In the meantime we know a lot about the business world, and about independent living. We understand the pros and cons, and can relate to pretty much every conceivable business struggle.

We know the daily reality of doing business. The wonderful moments of growth and success, and also the difficult moments where everything seems to be going down the drain.

That makes a world of difference in the way we deal with things. It’s not just our work, it’s our mission in life. Business coaching is an extension of our own experiences, and our passion to see others succeed as well.

Clear Language

A real entrepreneur has no time for idle chatter. They want to get to the point and move ahead.

All our coaches are real people with their own problems, challenges and also wisdom and experience. We see no need for corporate jargon and obscure formulas; we work with plain human language and recognizable explanations.

Just like you need an accountant who actively guides you in avoiding tax fines and unnecessary taxes, the entrepreneur needs a companion who can speak straight. If something doesn’t suit you, he will warn you. If your plan is not realistic, he will question it. And he highlights the qualities you don’t yet see in yourself.

The power of independence

We don’t need to ask for permission. We don’t have to color within the lines, or pretend to agree with anything.

In times of uncertainty, we think that is just what is needed. No more standard solutions, or bookish approach where you can get there if you follow the rules. There is need for decisive guidance with a strong awareness of the current economic reality, and a deep insight into human nature.


Pay with career vouchers

Entrepreneurs and self-employed people can also use career vouchers. A first career cheque entitles you to 4 hours of coaching, the second career cheque entitles you to 3 hours of coaching. Career cheques can be applied for at the VDAB and cost only 40 euro each.

Career cheques

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