Stress and burn-out

We coach groups to cope with stress better, for themselves and with colleagues and employees. In addition, we can also support you in developing your own stress policy within the organisation:

Practical stress management for employees

Experiencing some level of stress at work can have positive results, but too much stress over a long period of time becomes problematic. Excessive stress can make you mentally and emotionally unbalanced, disrupt your relationships on and off the work floor and put your natural resilience to the test.

In this workshop you will learn how to create a better balance between work and private life and how to deal with stress factors in a positive way. You will learn concrete stress management techniques and skills for those situations where you have to perform under pressure. It will also benefit your general well-being and the well-being of the company.

Practical stress management for managers

As a manager you need to know how to deal with the stress of your employees. When exhaustion strikes and pressure is high, tensions and stress signals surface. How do you avoid people falling out and away? How do you keep people resilient, keep them productive at work, avoid conflicts?

We give you communicable frameworks that you can apply to your team. We give you exercises and techniques that you can just pass on, or that you can experience together with the team.

We let you experience a wide range of techniques, so that you can assess the possibilities of all the techniques. This way you can give personalised advice: which one of your employees will benefit from what?

Develop a policy on stress, resilience and energy

Discover how you can develop and implement an effective stress policy within your organisation. We first look at the operation, causes, phases and actors of stress and burn-out. The relevant laws, obligations and recommendations for companies and organisations will be explained.

We work together with you on a concrete policy plan for the awareness, prevention and management of stress and burn-out in your organisation. This can be done individually, or together with the stakeholders of your organisation. From monitoring stress, to analyzing the risk factors, to working out concrete actions at different levels.

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