You only want the best for your employees.

When they face challenges, new responsibilities that they have to get used to, when collaboration with colleagues and/or departments is difficult.
Yourcoach will assist you.

Under the professional supervision of your coach, your people work on the themes that obstruct them and (re)discover the qualities that help them. After all, the secret of an optimally functioning manager or employee is a high level of personal development.

Our strength lies in our result-oriented approach; we always work in a challenging and pragmatic way, with respect for the person and taking their environment into consideration. We facilitate growth processes and bring clarity.


"I was amazed how quickly someone got to the heart of the matter. That analysis was to the point and did not need to be 'finetuned', this gave me insights into myself - things I could not express myself were filleted to the bone after an hour and a half by a 'stranger'".

- Sam L., Sales
The Business Coach:
Motivator and active listener for managers and employees.

The big challenge for organisations today is retention: how to keep your talented and ambitious people? An important part of this is that employees are guided in their personal development.

That is why more and more companies are paying attention to business coaching. Managers and/or employees are guided in the development of their coaching leadership skills, communication, assertivity, conversation techniques, stress and time management…

It’s about more than new skills. The fact that an employer invests in its employees helps build that much needed bond with the company. In addition, someone who is confident and can communicate well exerts a powerful, inspiring influence on his (working) environment.


The Executive Coach:
Counselor of top managers.

It can be lonely at the top. The pressure is stifling, and you’re expected to be on point at all times. It can be incredibly rewarding to be able to turn to someone who can listen without alterior motive or judgment. Someone who is outside your organization, and who can offer a fresh perspective.

You don’t always have to do it alone. Our coaches support you in making difficult decisions; in drawing up your vision and strategy; in dealing with crises. At Yourcoach you will be presented with an unbiased mirror, and opportunities to approach things differently.

Conflicts are resolved, misunderstandings cleared up, communications improved and ultimately deadlines and goals met. Every investment in yourself is therefore a potential investment in better business results.


Possible topics of executive and business coaching

Personal leadership;
Coaching in the workplace;
Time management;
Communicative skills;
Strategy and vision development;
Creating difficult personalities - conflict management;
Tackling stress and burn-out;
Performance coaching;
Career counseling.

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