How do you turn a group of individuals into a cohesive team?

Not everyone gets to choose who they work with. This brings people together who would normally never choose to come (or stay) in contact with each other. But they still have to work towards mutual goals, and spend hours together. Not always easy. No wonder there are tensions in a lot of teams, sometime to the point of hampering the growth of the organisation.

The manager or the HR department can’t solve everything either. Both are part of the system, so their input isn’t always accepted. Their interventions are often experienced as a conflict of interest, as injustice or as a hidden agenda.

Sometimes it helps that an external, independent person works with the team to smoothe out the wrinkles, reunite personalities and/or shape the team dynamic.

As coaches, we are very good at dealing with what drives people. To this we add years of experience as a trainers and group facilitators: managing group dynamics, formats to promote communication and teamwork, moderating collective conversations and reaching concrete conclusions.

You can count us in for the personal part of team coaching or team building: not the adventures and sports activities, but the educational part. No, that doesn’t have to be boring at all! We ensure fun and dynamic exercises that fit the reality of the participants. We don’t give too many explanations, but let the people work – and talk to each other.

Every team is different, so we focus on what is present and what is needed. The program we bring is at the service of the general purpose: resolving conflicts, distilling and bringing values to life, making agreements, giving everyone a suitable place….

“Thanks for leading us through the team building event today. I feel it was extremely beneficial and absolutely help our virtual team work more effectively.”

- Craig B., Director

Possible topics within teamcoaching

How your personality influences your team…

Working in a team has several advantages: tasks are divided and everyone has their specialty, so one person doesn’t have to be good at everything. Where one person is a thoughtful perfectionist, the other has a creative mind. Maximizing the individual qualities of each employee is an important step towards success.

During the training, we teach the group to work in a more complementary way. The training is focused on the positive; it teaches you more about who you are and what you’re good in, but also what the others in the group think is important and what they’re good at.

A group of people doesn’t equal a team.

Working in a team requires an investment from all team members. Key elements of teamwork are: communication, solidarity, tolerance, alignment, congruence…

This coaching session offers an interactive way of working together on the foundation of your team. We do not do this by explaining how a good team works, but by creating situations in which the team can come together.

Working together does not equal team work.

Team work is an important skill that is essential for any team. You achieve more by working together: you avoid double and unnecessary work, so the focus is on the essential. In order to be able to work together well, you need a good base of communication.

We offer concrete tools to learn to work together as a team or to optimize the collaboration.

Know why a team is (not) working.

Group dynamics exists in every group; also in a professional setting. As a leader, it is important to understand group dynamics in order to understand the group better. As an team member, it is important to optimize communication, which optimizes cooperation.

Within a group dynamics there are three different forces at work: environmental factors, individual factors and leadership factors.

In this team coaching we work with these three forces in an interactive way. In this way we come to conclusions that will make you see group dynamics through a different set of glasses.

All noses in the same direction.

The mission and vision are the foundations of any organization: the entire organization relies on them. The mission and vision are worth nothing if not every member of the organisation knows and lives them.

Being on the same wavelength is an essential condition to make or maintain an organisation’s success.
In this course we work in a creative way around the mission and vision of your company. We involve all members of the group, engage in a dialogue in a personalised way and ensure that everyone is going in the same direction.

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