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Not satisfied with your job?
Looking for your true passion?
Starting your own business?
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We can help! We have a dedicated team of certified and recognized career coaches, trained by YourCoach, who will work with you to find the real challenge behind your work question. We stand for a warm and professional approach. No standard procedures, but personalized and attuned conversations. Each session is a powerful experience in which you take concrete steps forward. YourCoach is a recognized career coach with the Flemish Government. You can also use career vouchers (Loopbaancheques). If you have at least 7 years of work experience then you only pay 40 euros for a career coaching of 4 or 3 hours


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How are things at work?

We constantly hear that question, so your answer had better be positive! But work isn’t always fun. Waking up early every day, an unpleasant atmosphere, your talents and efforts are not noticed, you don’t make enough money, you actually want to do something else, your boss is a *#&@§… And still:

  • You have the work you deserve
    What you do now is the result of your own actions and decisions. If you want something better, you will have to do something different.

  • It’s not their fault
    People do not accidentally end up in conflicts or difficult situations over and over again. You attract what you radiate. There is something you can do about that!

  • Sometimes you have to stay
    Leaving is not always the solution, on the contrary: the past repeats itself if you don’t handle it. When you approach things with a different attitude, things change by themselves.


Pay with career vouchers

Through career vouchers, employees and self-employed people can follow individual career counseling with YourCoach in an affordable way. A first career cheque entitles you to 4 hours of career coaching, the second career cheque entitles you to 3 hours of career coaching. Career vouchers can be ordered with the VDAB and cost only 40 euro each.

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What career coaching means

Everyone has their own path. That’s why every career coaching process with us is different. Our job coaching programs run in blocks of 3 to 5 sessions. We always set a concrete goal, which we elaborate and follow up on in the following sessions. Things that can be addressed:

  • Exploring the job market and seeing which jobs suit you;
  • Your work/life balance;
  • Mapping your personality;
  • Researching your motives;
  • Revealing your passions and dreams;
  • Focusing your qualities and pitfalls;
  • Installing new patterns;
  • Creative techniques to address your subconscious;
  • Lay out your future path



30 locations throughout Flanders & Brussels
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What can you do after career coaching?

Research shows that career counseling increases job satisfaction, even when the job remains the same. People who follow job coaching experience things like:

  • Optimism, energy, creativity, decisiveness;
  • More confidence in their careers;
  • Better balance work-private;
  • The feeling of being heard and understood;
  • Better cooperation and mutual understanding;
  • A greater self-knowledge and perspective;
  • Better communication skills;
  • The energy and desire to take on new projects;
  • Becoming an “employed entrepreneur”


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