Do you definitively and permanently want to progress to the next level in your workplace or business, health, relationship(s)…?
Have you been struggling with something for a while and finally want to get over it?
Do you want powerful, challenging and deep coaching?
Then the breakthrough program may be for you.

Work together intensively with top coaches Benjamin Ball or Tom Hallez for 3 months towards a predetermined result. Their focus is on transforming your inner and outer work and life – and to that end, they throw their full weight into it.

  • 3 months of intensive supervision and follow-up.
  • Live and/or online sessions.
  • Full attention: Benjamin and Tom accept a maximum of 2O customers per year.
  • Work on both real results and unconscious patterns.
  • If you show up and go for it, we guarantee results.


3 months of intensive coaching

Benjamin or Tom will coach you intensively for 3 months with all the tools and experience they have available. That period is long enough to absorb new habits (60 to 90 days are required), to look at your challenges from different angles, to follow up on your actions and then step up your game each time, and to reprogram your unconscious’s repeated attempts to return to the past patterns.

Make no mistake, it’s challenging! You’ll be given assignments from deep personal work over setting up new daily habits to taking those steps you’ve been putting off for so long. Only by repeatedly looking at yourself in an uncomfortable way and putting things into reality you will reach a higher level permanently.

Working on the internal AND the external

We work on the external (measurable results outside yourself) and the internal (noticeable shifts within yourself: identity, energy, beliefs…) – this is an essential combination! Those who only work on the outside get stuck on inner limitations. Those who only work on the inside don’t actually take action on the change to cement it into their actual life. That causes the powerful feeling of transformation to fade away, slowly eroded by the conditioning of your environment. Benjamin and Tom work from many disciplines: systemic, creative, physical work forms, NLP, etc. An extensive arsenal of tools and attitudes to get your blockages moving.

Full attention

You don’t get cut-and-dried work in a breakthrough program! Benjamin and Tom only accept a maximum of 20 customers per year. You get their full attention and energy. They ask for more commitment from and give more commitment to you. Not everyone can just step into a breakthrough program. Benjamin and Tom select with whom they work. There has to be a ‘click’, and commitment on both sides to go for it.


How does a breakthrough program work?

Intake - we tune in to your desired result and if we want to work together.
Pre-session - we record the results and measure what you want to be different within 3 months.
Sessions - we work together for 3 months at least every 2 weeks. This can be done in real life or online - depending on where you are and what your needs are at that moment.
Evaluation and conclusion - we look at what you've achieved and celebrate your new life!

Want to make a breakthrough?

Benjamin Ball or Tom Hallez will be happy to welcome you for a first intake interview.

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