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An integrated approach to stress & burn-out

Are you suffering from chronic low energy, or are you already recovering from a burn-out or bore-out? We support and guide you back to more energy and resilience.

The treatment of stress and burn-out is still in its early stages. Most therapists, doctors and coaches prescribe classic remedies, sticking with what they know. Often they just offer insight, to understand the phenomenon. That gives relief.

However, people with burn-out often do not have the need to understand it, they want to do anything about it. So more is needed, an adapted approach depending on the phase in which someone is in.

At YourCoach we start from a Integrated approach, in which different forms of treatment and therapy, adapted to the client and the moment, are discussed. From mental framing of the phenomenon, over techniques for physical resourcing, to emotional healing and involving the environment in the reintegration.

Individual Traject

At YourCoach you can go for individual coaching. We strongly focus on the person and the situation you are in right now. Some people need rest first, and need to learn to relax. Others have to work on their unconscious fears, patterns and expectations. Others just need to adjust some habits.

Things we take into account:

  • The phase of stress or burn-out in which you find yourself (with our OSCURO-meter).
  • Your personality, background and history.
  • The kind of work you do.
  • The stage of life you are in.
  • Your expectations about work/life.

Based on this we set up a stress coaching or burn-out therapy that matches what you currently need.

A team of specialised stress & burn-out counselors

An individual stress and burn-out coaching program consists of at least 3 sessions of about an hour and a half. From the first session we start working towards your recovery and reintegration. Are you still in doubt? If so, book a free introductory talk with your questions and to see if we are the coach for you.

You can only benefit from a career cheque (Loopbaancheque) when you are in the final phase of a burn-out. After all, your energy level needs to be high enough to reconnect with your work situation. If not, you can always contact our specialised burn-out counselors. If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to contact us.

Need Stress & Burn-out coaching?

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