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YourCoach provides life coaching in an honest, personal and confidential context. Our life coaches coach you in your personal development, achieving your goals, better communication in your relationships, changing negative habits…

Life Coaching – The story of D.

D. was insecure and didn’t know what she wanted. She had been looking for work for two years but, apart from some odd jobs, she found nothing that suited her. She didn’t have the degrees for the better jobs and she wanted a job that gave her a challenge.

On top of that, the pressure was on her because she had a family to support on her own! Did she have to give up her wish to combine a fun, challenging job with taking care of her family?

A goal is a dream with a deadline.

D. and her coach went looking for what she was passionate about, and what she was good at. After two sessions it became clear where her interests and talents lay, and D. discovered what she really wanted to go for: starting a daycare center for children!

We looked at the options to achieve her dream. After weighing up the possibilities, D. chose, as a first step, to get the required qualifications to run her own business, and in the meantime to support her family in one way or another.

A few weeks later, she (accidentally?) found a part-time job that allowed her to make time for her studies. A few months later, she’s well on her way to getting her degrees and realizing her dream!

Are you tired of trying?

People often try a lot, but nothing really changes. Why is that?

Trying‘ usually means that you don’t really believe in it but that you do something halfway anyway just in case it happens to succeed. Not really a formula for success, and yet very common. Many people move through life with bumps and knocks, subject to (bad) luck and, above all, experiencing a lot of failures. Not great for building self-confidence!

Create a new reality through life coaching

The life coaches at YourCoach work according to the principle of Respons-ability. This literally means that you learn to respond to impulses from the outside world, and approach them differently. It starts with the insight that your thoughts and actions create your environment, and that, by reacting differently to your circumstances, you can make changes.
With YourCoach you create your own vision of life, and turn it into reality by consciously and consistently setting out and pursuing your goals.
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Stop trying – start doing it!

By thinking with her coach about what she wanted, what she could do and how she could reach her goals, D. took a new path that went from ‘trying’ to find good work to creating her dream job. She took responsibility for her life – and after that it seemed as if life was adapting to her instead of the other way around. That is the effect we aim for with every person we coach.

Maybe you just want to talk to somebody


It can’t always be about life-changing transformations. Do you find it difficult to discuss certain topics with your (close) environment or the people involved? For certain subjects you may want a sounding board, a objective listener who can hold up a mirror to you. Without judgement.

An inspiring person who goes on a journey of discovery through your world together with you and allows you to discover new paths. Someone with whom you can be entirely yourself. Someone who makes you discover qualities you might not have known you had. And who can help you formulate a solution.

At YourCoach you can have confidential, personal conversations.

Invest in yourself – contact a life coach


What would you be willing to give for that better job, a healthy body, a good relationship, more happiness in life…? At YourCoach we see life coaching as an investment in yourself. If you think you would have been helped by discovering yourself – and on top of that taking concrete steps to make positive changes in your life – come and visit us.

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