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A training program with YourCoach is an unique experience. It starts with a short orientation phase: what does the team want to learn and which effects will it have on the group/company?

Our training courses are dynamic and interactive. We give practical examples and exercises to promote the actual integration of the subject matter into practice. We know that the retention rate is very low in classic trainings, so we go for practical and immediately applicable skills with a lot of concrete examples.

In addition, we use our coaching experience to optimally manage the group dynamics, so that there is room for feedback and transparency towards learning new things. This approach makes us truly unique: instead of distant rambling, we create a human experience in which the participants actively learn and are responsible for their own learning goals.

We have a wide range of programs at our disposal, which are always tailored to your organisation. We bring the classic themes with a twist, in which active participation, retention and action are paramount.

If you choose for a bespoke training, there are two possibilities:

  • Either you choose to organise an open training in-company, to a greater or lesser extent adapted to your organisation;
  • Or you have a training question for which a specific tailored training is required.

Organising an open training in-company

The first possibility is to organise an open training in-company. Depending on the budget and your training question, the training is tailored to your organisation, the number of participants and the situation.

All existing open courses of YourCoach can be organized in-company.

Tailor-made specific programs

In some cases, an available program will not provide a solution for your unique situation. In this case we can develop a specific training tailored to your company. Together we determine the training goals and the desired results of the training. We value in-depth preparation and discuss specific cases or exercises that are relevant to your company.



Content tailored to your organization;
Practical and based on recognizable work situations and problems;
Everyone gets the same training so all noses are in the same direction;
100% flexibility in terms of location, duration, time and planning;
Time- and cost-saving.

We excel in the following 4 domains


Every organisation needs to set and achieve objectives. That’s what we need leaders for: to guide team members, departments and teams towards them. They path there is different for every organisation and objective, and is challenging in its own unique way.

Stress and Burn-out

We coach groups to cope with stress and burn-out better, for themselves as well as with their colleagues and employees. In addition, we can also support you in developing your own stress policy within the organisation


Would you like to learn more about your communication style and discover what effects this style has on your professional relations? Do you want to learn how we can use communication as a tool to look at yourself and others in a different way?

Coaching skills

Based on years of experience and multiple training, we bring a practical and accessible way of coaching. Through simplicity and creativity we come to surprising and powerful conclusions, and above all: movement.

What makes us different?

You can expect depth and fun with us. We amaze with personalised and challenging formats. We speak plain language. We provide a safe environment where people can speak out, and we also dare to mirror what we see. We play with the group dynamics and use it to adapt the program and our approach to the group.

Instead of a pre-created PowerPoint and pre-chewed, classroom examples, we work with real cases and questions from the group.

Instead of listening to us all day long, you will move about with a wide variety of interactive formats: images, demonstrations, metaphors, exercises, multimedia, group exercises, individual work…

Instead of predictable and unrealistic role-plays, we create exciting situations that make people experience and learn something in the moment.

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