YourCoach is a warm and professional coaching and training center located in Ghent. It was founded on the vision and various expertises of Tom and Benjamin, and now has more than 25 team members. Every day we work in line with our guiding principles: passion, responsibility and transparency.

We combine official quality with creative perspectives. We are a company on a people-oriented basis – we do the work ourselves and our entire team is carefully selected on the basis of experience in (business) life. Everything we teach is focused on our own experiences of what really works – and we continue to learn. We aim for efficiency and purity, with a detailed eye for the essential.

In a nutshell

  • Warm and professional.
  • We take our work very seriously, but not ourselves.
  • Aimed at the congruence of thinking, feeling and doing.
  • Regularly provocative, with a wink.
  • Surprising, practical and dynamic.

Certified trainers & coaches


We stand for a strong 'walk your talk' mentality, which is reflected in everyone who does something with and for us. Our team members are certified coaches, experienced trainers, entrepreneurs and great people. No junior account managers, but people with a story that can serve as an example as well as a sounding board.
Our activities are spread over a number of locations. We have a head office in Ghent where the administration is handled. All classes take place in Loft 26, our seminar space. In our group practice, De Overkant, you can attend coachings and other forms of counseling. Our career coaches each have their own location(s), spread all over Flanders and Brussels.
Quality labels
We take our profession seriously, even outside the company's walls. We invest in the most important quality labels, both in terms of training and coaching. We are represented in and aligned with the deontology and guidelines of the relevant professional associations.

Why YourCoach?

We have our feet firmly planted on the ground, and we only work with things that work in real life. We continue to educate ourselves and develop new models and techniques. Theory is interesting, but does not necessarily bring change. In everything we do, we aim for concrete impact on the work and life of our clients. You can clearly see in the feedback our clients give us.
References Our mission and vision 10 reasons to choose us

Books & eBooks

Discover new and unique perspectives on coaching topics in our books and e-books.
Books & eBooks