Why YourCoach?

Everyone interprets the concepts of vision and mission differently. For us, Vision means the values and higher goals we stand for in the long term, regardless of concrete implementation. Our Vision is reflected in everything we do, like an underlying blueprint.

Our Mission is the evolving set of activities we use within YourCoach to realise that Vision. It's the expression of our ability to express what lives within us, and to provide value to our clients and the world.


We stand for a powerful and correct sense of purpose: getting the best out of yourself and your company, at the service of others. This is our answer to the limitations of the ‘malleable human being’ and the tendency to live only for oneself.

We stand for realism in personal and professional goals. Everyone has an unlimited potential, but limited time and resources to realise their life’s work. We provide people a unique, appropriate challenge.

We stand for concrete answers to life’s questions tailored to people’s needs and appropriate to the wider movement in their lives; provided in the way that works for the person.

We stand for a sense of community; a meeting place where people can find each other in a natural, pleasant way. Where people can exchange freely about the things that really concern them.

We stand for a sustainable economy based on fair prices and valuable services and products. That takes growth and contraction into account. Where there is healthy competition that allows us to work together to create bigger movements.

We stand for essence and simplicity; for the elimination of things that take up unnecessary space. This includes enforced protocol, inflated organisational structures, dogmatic positions, exploited stories…

Going straight to the heart of the matter and taking efficient steps from there.


We realize our Vision through:

  • Individual coaching
  • Training and group supervision
  • Community initiatives

We are certified coaches and recognised career counselors. We coach individuals, professionals, managers and entrepreneurs in their work and life questions.

We have an extensive range of open training programs for personal and professional development, including the long-term course Integral Coaching; various NLP trajectories; and workshops of 1 or 2 days on various themes.

We also work in-company with teams, departments and employees around communication, leadership and coaching.

We constantly work on expanding our Community that connects people with each other, with our home base at Loft 26. In addition to coaching and training courses, we also regularly organise events and lectures – in Loft 26 and online.