About Artevelde Hogeschool

Artevelde Hogeschool is a college institution in Ghent. They offer bachelor programs, postgraduates and further education, and are strong in practice-based research and services. The college has 1300 employees and 13000 students.

The question

Training internal employees to become career coaches, in a way that is recognized by VDAB and meets the International Coach Federation (abbreviated to ‘ICF’) conditions.

The goals

  • Further develop the internal career policy. Expand the current career policy within Artevelde Hogeschool with know-how and skills about internal career discussions. To this end, Artevelde Hogeschool would like to appeal to the talents and qualities of their own employees/coaches.
  • Expand the general knowledge on the theme of ‘career’. Artevelde Hogeschool receives more and more project applications, both internal and external, on the theme of ‘career’. They would like to expand their knowledge on this theme.
  • Extend existing ‘Study advice’ service with career coaching. The existing study advice service guides students in their choice of study. Artevelde Hogeschool wanted to expand this offer with career coaching for former students who are taking or have taken their first steps on the job market, in the form of a career center.
  • Artevelde Hogeschool has several coaches and people with coaching skills within their team. Artevelde would like to use the talents of their own people in the development of the internal career policy and the career center.

The solution

A customized career coach training for the internal employees of Artevelde Hogeschool, which meets the conditions of VDAB and ICF.

The choice for YourCoach

When choosing a suitable training center, Artevelde Hogeschool had several points of attention:

  • Tailor-made training that builds on the current knowledge of their employees. Some coaches have more than 10 years of experience. It is therefore important that the training builds on that knowledge and experience.
  • Click with the trainers. For Artevelde Hogeschool it is important that the trainers can empathize with the specific field of education.
  • Wide approach to the theme of ‘career coaching’. Where the focus is on a wide range of tools, methods and forms that their employees will learn
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Career coaching training

The training is tailor-made for the client, consists of six training days. During the training, the participants learn everything we need to get to work practically as a career coach.

We start from the theoretical framework, but the emphasis is mainly on practicing the tools and techniques during the training days. We provide the tools we use ourselves to visualize someone’s career and guide them in the right direction (e.g. career competences).

The result for the customer

  • The internal career policy within Artevelde Hogeschool has been expanded on the basis of the knowledge acquired.
  • The knowledge (tools, methodologies and forms) are regularly used for various projects. Training as a career coach not only has an impact on external projects (e.g. for government agencies). The participants also indicate that they take the knowledge and experience into account in the way they give their own training within Artevelde Hogeschool. Different tools, exercises or methodologies are used during the trainings.
  • The internal training provided Artevelde Hogeschool with the necessary tools, forms and methods to design and set up their internal career center. The Study Advice department has now been expanded with the offer of ‘career coaching’ that meets the conditions of VDAB. Former students can come to the service with career vouchers. Artevelde Hogeschool experiences this service as an added value for the former students.

Track follow-up

The participants of the career coaches course have the opportunity to take part in monthly intervisions, organized by YourCoach.