Don’t you just hate demotivated employees?

If you’re running a team or company, one of the worst things that can happen to you is demotivated workers. They come in late, hang around all day, don’t make deadlines and don’t seem to care. Or they sabotage every form of change, get angry when you try to give them feedback… Basically, demotivated employees can make work life hell, and your results disastrous. What’s worse, it can make you feel completely powerless because it seems like you’re to blame, right?

You never know what’s really up

Another thing is that you’ll hardly ever know exactly why your employees are demotivated. They might not like their colleagues, or the work they’re doing, or you. Most people don’t even really know why they’re not motivated, and most managers don’t know how to find out. Conversations with good intentions turn into foul discussions that add insult to injury. It can seem like a blind alley, inevitably ending in laying off potentially good employees and having to invest in training new ones. And so the story repeats itself endlessly.

Money doesn’t cut it

When asked, most people will say they’re not being paid enough and that’s why they’re disgruntled. That’s why most managers invest in rewards schemes, to keep people happy. But it doesn’t keep them happy! In reality, salary is just a compensation for not being challenged, respected and feeling like they’re part of something meaningful. It can dull the pain, but it can’t take it away. Of course you need to provide basic wages so your employees can have a decent life, but that’s about all you need to do with money.

There is a way out!

In this ebook about employee and workplace motivation, we’ll explain exactly why money doesn’t really motivate. On top of that, we’ll explain to you exactly what’s going wrong in your environment, and what you can do to mend it. It goes from taking care of some basic things, to learning specific techniques with which you can engage people to participate wholeheartedly in your project and company.

This ebook plugs the holes in management practice and motivation theory

For the first time ever, practice meets theory in a concise report on why people get demotivated, and exactly what you can do to get them back on track. It’s a collection of insights and techniques taken from both fields, and filling in the blanks that they don’t answer with first-hand experience and proven techniques. It doesn’t just say ‘people need to feel like they’re progressing their career’, it actually shows you how to create this sense of growth. It doesn’t say ‘listen to your people’ – everybody knows that – it tells you what you need to listen for, when and how. And so on.

This employee motivation book will give you:

  • All the reasons why financial incentives don’t usually work;
  • Ways to make financial incentives work should you wish to implement them anyway;
  • Surprising insights into what demotivates, and motivates people;
  • A concise report based on a study of the most well-known motivation theories, combined with management practice;
  • A simple eight-step plan to getting a person motivated;
  • Practical techniques that will set your employee motivation on fire;
  • Tips and tricks to promote clarity and creativity in the workplace;
  • International tried-and-tested tools to develop your leadership personality;
  • A plan for going from a typical boss to an enlightened leader.

Why should you buy this book?

We came up with the idea for this book after scouring the internet for information about employee rewards. We noticed that all of them seemed to say you just need to throw more money at your employees to get more results – or otherwise, some vague theories on what motivates people without real practical implementation.

What it comes down to is that managers and business owners around the world can’t find the information and techniques they need. They’re either getting seemingly simple solutions that don’t really work and have no ground in psychology, logic or anything else. Or they’re getting clobbered with theories that seem impossible to implement by a normal human being. So we decided to make something that’s based on facts, rooted in theory, made to be understood and used by people like you and me.

We put all of these things together in one concise ebook and added insights from personal experience and proven practical techniques. The mix is an enlightning and useful guide to actually doing what theories say you should, and saving money in the process. Instead of throwing your money at bonuses, reward schemes and other things that hardly ever have a Return On Investment, read this book and start making changes instantly – practically for free!

You won’t find this information anywhere else in the world. What makes this ebook so special is that it brings together motivation theory with motivation practice – something that’s hardly been done before!

Instead of writing a tiring, hundred page report we decided to save you time as well as money. This book summarises thousands of pages of employee and workplace motivation theory and insights, in just over twenty pages. We’ve written it so short to give you the fast track to the best information and techniques. Naturally, more information is available and referenced should you need it.

We’ve als included how-to guides for techniques that usually cost hundreds of euros to learn in an additional workbook – free of charge. In this workbook, we outline how to do it, what to watch out for and how to reach maximum effect.

Not only will you know what to do, this ebook tells you exactly how to do it!

How much does it cost?

This employee and workplace motivation ebook is currently priced at €29 – that’s the result of a lot of study, interviews and hard work coming up with the best answers and techniques to create an employee motivation that you wouldn’t have thought possible. The price will definitely rise again as we’re constantly adding information and techniques that cost hundreds of euros to learn. The updates are sent through free of charge – so it’s best to buy the ebooks at launch or as soon as possible!

Don’t forget, this ebook will get you from wasting money on ineffective schemes, to investing wisely in employee motivation techniques and tools that will have your people’s productivity soaring! Talk about ROI – for only €29 you can save thousands of euros from no longer investing in useless reward schemes, and make thousands more with the increased productivity of your motivated employees!