SEO copywriting

SEO copywriters work with an advertising budget of naught. And yet, we get traffic to our sites! How? By writing our copy taking in account tried and tested SEO-techniques so are sites are easily picked up and read by search engines. If you don't get any traffic to your site for the moment, it's not or badly optimised.

YourCoach specialises in Search Engine Copywriting, or SEO copywriting. That's writing copy so search engines can find you. Apart from scannability and user friendliness that are the realm of web copywriting, the SEO copywriter weaves certain key phrases throughout the text of a page so the page comes up in Google under these key phrases.

Finding the right key phrases

Your web traffic stands or falls with the right keywords and phrases. A professional SEO copywriter knows how to find the best keywords and combinations, and doesn't waste time writing texts that don't attract the kind of visitors you want.

At YourCoach, we thoroughly research your sector's keywords and weave these into your existing pages – or we write specialised pages that are geared towards attracting potential customers, getting them interested, en leading them to a certain conversion or outcome.

SEO copywriting is the best way to come to the top in search engines without paying for advertising, and getting relevant traffic to your site! On top of that, it's a one-time investment, not a constant drain on your advertising budget. And it's only when you have website pages that convert, that it becomes interesting to spend money on paid advertising.

Original copy

Duplicating text (using the same text more than once) is the fastest way to have your site penalised and removed from the search engines! SEO copywriting at YourCoach starts from scratch on every page, and is built according to what matters for your site, the questions you want to answer and the services you want to offer.

If web copywriting is something for specialists, SEO copywriting it even more so. Finding keywords that are both popular with search engine users and are akin to what you are offering. Writing really relevant web content. And then bringing the two together! This asks for an expertise and insight that only SEO copywriters have.

An effective website speaks to the behavior and expectations of its visitors. It offers value-added content that is adapted to search engines as well as your actual visitors. YourCoach connects the technical (the right keywords in the right place) with the content (high quality copy); a rare combination in today's SEO and copywriting landscape.

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