Our customers are driven individuals and organisations that want to reach a well-defined result. That's why they are involved in every step of the process, be it coaching, training or the development of their website or online business. Yourcoach listens, thinks, makes a proposal. That proposal is adjusted until it's just right. Result: goals that get realised, and customers are satisfied.

AXA     VDAB     Stad Gent

European Commission     TNT     Universiteit Gent

Federale Politie     Transgroom     Kluwer

Syntra     MediaMarkt     U&I Learning

PWA Eke-Nazareth     e-Morrow     cvo kisp

Merck Serono     Lukoil     Biover

Euroclear     ING Carlease     DFDS Logistics

Esoterix     KBC     Boston University

Kortrijk Expo     Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel     DEME

Jules Destrooper     Stad Antwerpen     Atlas Copco


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