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When they contacted us, the energy company e-morrow was experiencing an explosive growth. Despite having a young and enthusiastic team, things weren't running as smoothly as they could. We brought the team together and started with a discovery of each other's personality. Then, we taught them some communication techniques for better cooperation and mutual understanding. We finished the team building day with a collective meeting about possible improvements, and turning the main ones into a concrete action plan.

Merck SeronoMerck Serono

We provided a team building day on the beautiful domain of the Laro, in Meerle. The program was geared towards the transition of individual to collective. Concretely, the participants individually presented themselves, we took a look at the different personality profiles and created a group process that got everyone involved. An unforgettable day!

cvo kispcvo kisp

The teachers-of-teachers at the KISP Adult Education Center asked us to give them an interactive training about time management and efficient meetings. Their work pressure was becoming unbearable due to numerous and lengthy meetings. We began by exploring different personality types and how these react to each others in meetings. That did a lot to explain why many meetings were running late! In the second part of the training, we taught some practical techniques for time management.

But we wanted more. We finished the training with a collective meeting about more efficient meeting procedures. In under one hour, the participants came up with and voted a new system for conducting meetings – an incredible result!

"I've heard a lot of praise from our colleagues about your training! So thank you for that.

After the exams (at the beginning of February) the new meeting system will be implemented. Everyone's very enthusiastic about it, so we're going to make it official! And we'll evaluate at the end of the year if it's a system to keep."

PWA Eke-NazarethPWA Eke-Nazareth

YourCoach gave an assertiveness training at the bureau of employment in Eke-Nazareth. We covered several theories on self-conscience and positions one can take with regards to certain situations. By combining theory with practical exercises, the participants got an insight into their personal way of reaction, as well as that of others. We showed alternatives for situations in the actual lives of the participants, that were practiced immediately.

Life coaching

This is what some of our coaching customers wanted to share about their coaching at YourCoach.

“Coaching put me on a completely different wavelength! I've learned not to view things to negatively too quickly.”

L. - Ghent

“I've gone through a complete transformation. I use my anchor daily and can finally hold my head up high again.”

S. - Sint-Amandsberg

“Aligning my life: that's exactly what I needed. Partly even subconsciously. Just step by step, from the most evident question tot that very hard yet simple one. It felt so natural I let myself be led effortlessly... and it paid off. Fast! Ticking goals on my list and adding new ones, what a fantastic feeling.”

E. - Brussels

“One of the things I learned with Benjamin is that immediately bafter defining your goals comes the thought whether it is realistic, what your options are and finally, if you want to pay the price to achieve it. He feels what kind of coaching you need as a client, and dares to ask your feedback on his own coachings. Conclusion: in a short period of time, you get more clarity in what you want (or maybe more accurately: in who you are) and what that means for you.”

J. - Ghent


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