Life coaching program

A life coaching program runs through different phases. Every program begins with an intake, where the question or problem is formulated. Then come the sessions themselves. Every session ends with an assignment that you take with you, with an expected result by the next session. In between sessions you will make progress, so every coaching session can build on the previous one. After just a few sessions the coaching trajectory ends, and your evolution is evaluated.

Coaching Intake – orienting phase

The intake gives the coach a first idea as to the theme of the coaching. At YourCoach, you will fill in an intake form with a few questions that you can answer according to relevance. This is what we will use for your first session.

We also make practical arrangements about the planning of the sessions, your expectations and the methods YourCoach will use.

The coaching sessions

Then come the coaching sessions. You decide what the goal of every session will be, even though it may turn out that your real goal is different. YourCoach uses internationally recognised methods and interventions to define and realise your goals. Every session contains an important step toward your growth. In between sessions, you work on the assignments YourCoach gives you. The results of your assignments will be the starting point of the following sessions.

Amount of sessions

Dependent on the trajectory that has been agreed upon, there will be 3 to 5 sessions. Each session takes up to 2 hours.


Coaching is all about responsibility and autonomy! After a few sessions you will be able to work towards your goals without life coach. As a last step in the trajectory, we evaluate the sessions. Did we reach the goals we set out for the sessions? Have you achieved the expected growth? If needed, we can build in additional sessions.

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