Telecommuting: How To Increase Productivity From Your Couch

Congratulations, you can work from home! It’s a great freedom to be able to combine your household with work, to not have to commute… But with freedom comes responsibility. What if you spend all day caught up in home affairs? Or you’re sitting there in your pyjamas with no-one to check on you and you find you’re not getting much done at all?

Working from home could cost you your sixpack

Working from home could cost you your sixpack

Part 8/8: Telecommuting: How To Increase Productivity From Your Couch

1. Create a divide between home and work. It can make a world of difference to have a separate work space. Ideally, you have an office or studio at home or in the neighbourhood. Failing that, just a room with a door you can close. If none of these things is available to you, you can always buy a Chinese screen. Et voilà – instant office.

2. Put on your work clothes. Don’t keep running around in your pyjamas! Dress like you would at work. Because you know what? You actually are. The clothes bring you in the right mood to work, and it’s a lot less embarassing when your colleague pays you an unexpected visit.

3. Come on time. So you don’t need to do traffic jams – enjoy that extra cup of coffee! At the same time, respect the working hours that you’ve set out for yourself. If not, you could end up being one of those people that loafs around all day and then when there’s fun to be had, ‘has to finish something’. Shame!

4. Don’t watch TV. Don’t go to the movies, or the launderette. You’re working, so work. Of course, be sure to take a well-deserved break now and again and remind yourself how great it is to work from home.

5. Go out to lunch. Working from home is liberating but also isolating. Keep in touch with your friends and colleagues, forge new connections and connect to the world by going out to lunch. Better yet, go to business networking lunches!

6. Have someone to answer to. It’s easier to work when there’s someone watching and when we need to justify our time. So get one of these mechanisms to work for you (without making it disagreeable). Ask on of your colleagues or friends to check on you.

Telework - increase productivity from home

That’s the end of this series of articles on productivity! I hope your work and life have taken a spectacular new turn because of them. If not, maybe you picked out just one element that you’ve been able to use at work to be faster, more efficient and effective.

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