Book tip: The adventures of Johnny Bunko

I recently ordered a comic book. It’s about a guy that works in the accounting dept. of some company, a real dead-end job. Sounds exciting huh! Wait for it… He gets another late-night assignment so needs to go get some food. Turns out his sushi’s chop sticks are enchanted! He meets a magical creature called Diana, that proceeds to teach him six lessons about how to manage your career.

This is actually Dan Pink’s latest novel. Dan Pink is the author of the great book ‘A whole new mind’, and he made an interesting speech on financial incentives and motivation on TED.

The adventures of Johnny Bunko – the last career guide you’ll ever need‘ is a light way to illuminate Dan Pink’s lessons on the premises of working life. I found it very interesting, and recognised some patterns of my own, some that I had overcome and others that still need some work. If you’re in any way struggling with work or you don’t know what to do with your job, this is definitely a valuable addition to your book case!

Here is a video about the book:

Here are the six lessons – do you recognise any of this?

1. There is no plan;

2. Think strengths, not weaknesses;

3. It’s not about you;

4. Persistence trumps talent;

5. Make excellent mistakes;

6. Leave an imprint

You can get ‘The adventures of Johnny Bunko‘ by Daniel C. Pink on Amazon.

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