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How to really motivate people at work

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Looking for a new way to get employees to behave with the responsibility and initiative of a business owner? Look no further! Daniel H. Pink recently unleashed his powerful book ‘Drive‘ on the world. He explains why money is only a motivator for purely mechanical tasks, and how you should only use money to have people not have to worry about it. He also explains what really motivates people. RSA made an amazing animation about this, which I think you should definitely watch.

The question remains – how to implement this in your own company? That’s exactly what I researched and put in my employee motivation ebook: ‘why employee rewards won’t drive your sales up’. I looked at all the main motivation theories, from Maslow over Herzberg to Hackman&Oldham. Then I looked at management practice, incentive schemes and leadership studies. And of course I read Dan Pink’s book.

Because you have to be thinking about your organisational goals, and at the same time you’d love to implement these ideas that Dan Pink is offering! My ebook answers this conundrum, giving you techniques and a seven-step plan to getting your people highly motivated without bonuses.

People are awesome

Friday, October 29th, 2010

A visual ode to those that constantly push back the limits of the impossible: