YourCoach Newsletter | December 2009

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Welcome to the first English YourCoach Newsletter! We've been busy for a while now, and have just started up the English section of our site and business. With our newsletters, we like to offer you something of value that you can look forward to once a month. Our newsletters contain short stories, links to blog posts, a self coaching tip, our latest websites, book tips and more. We hope you like it - if you do, don't forget to tell your friends about it!

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Tom Hallez

YourCoach launches its English website

Take a look at our new website! You'll find information about us, what we do and who we've done it for so far. Don't forget to check on the blog - we post regular updates with interesting stories, videos, insights and more.  


A last red leaf dangles from a branch on the barren sapling. A gust of wind tugs at it; the little leaf clamps on, swaying dangerously. She holds onto her last sinking memory with waning energy.

Full of hope she wrinkles up; not a simmer of disappointment in her vanishing veins! She pulls out of herself. And then irrevocably – snap – almost casual, her paper body disconnects and floats to the earth gracefully to drily rest among her sisters' remains. She swoops free, released, and returns to the source of everything.

A gardener gently sweeps up the crumpled red leaves. Shuffling, he crosses the courtyard and drapes them around a green tree that seems to glow.

Our latest blog posts

"You're already there"

Do you sometimes think you need to change something in yourself before you can be happy? This post explains why that very thought is stopping you.

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"What's life coaching all about?"

We wanted to give you an insight into some common misconceptions about coaching, and also give you some examples of powerful coaching in action.

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"Learning to appreciate technology"

This hilarious comedian, Louis CK, explains why we should be more grateful for technology like mobile phones and planes.

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Self Coaching tip of the month

Finding goals

One way to clarify your goals is to make a list. It aligns your thoughts and makes things official. The limitation of lists is that they only speak of things you consciously want to move towards or away from - positive change. Things that don't stress you out to write down. Fun stuff.

While our most interesting sides are those we don't want to see. The most dramatic changes are those in areas that previously were invisible to us. The energy that frees up is like uncorking, letting your energy stream free. Only, how can you reach those shadow sides of yourself if you don't want to see them?

A coach can guide you there, by asking the right questions, giving feedback and assignments.

To coach yourself there, you can look what surrounds you. Look at your habits. How would someone that knew the ins and outs of your lifestyle, judge them? Be honest with yourself! Note down how much you do of what (eating and drinking habits, not sleeping enough, treating people a certain way...).

Are you doing what you would like to do or even think you're doing when it comes to relationships, health, work, spare time...? Note down any discrepancies. What do these differences say about you? What could change to realise your desired state? What could you do, think, feel? Those are goals!

Website of the month: me2me

me2me combines the Web with Voice Recognition Technology to provide you with an easily accessible service to store all of your information and make your life run smoothly. Call in and store information on your me2me account, where it is converted into text. Find your information by calling in or through your website account. You can also consult train schedules, consult an online dictionary... by phone and choose to instantly receive the results in a text message! And this is just the tip of the iceberg - me2me is constantly expanding its products and services.

Check it out!  

Book tip of the month: Johnny Bunko
Johnny Bunko

I was pleasantly surprised by the following publication: 'The adventures of Johnny Bunko', by Daniel C. Pink. It's in manga format and offers six principles to be successful in today's workplace. It's about working from your strengths and paving your own way. About contributing and persisting. It's a light read and yet powerful, giving a hopeful image to everyone who may wonder from time to time whether they're in the right place at work.

You can find Johnny Bunko at Amazon  

About YourCoach

YourCoach offers a unique combination of soft and hard skills to guide and support you in reaching your goals, or those of your team.

First and foremost, we're certified coaches that can guide you and your team towards more communication and harmony.

We also provide training on a broad range of subjects, going from internet practices over website design to communication and social skills.

And finally, we're marketing and communication professionals. We help you build your unique identity, from concept to execution.

We offer a global vision. More than just coaching, training or marketing and communications. We combine all three to guide you to success on all counts.