Exclusive Upgrade Offer
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard 10.1 - Exclusive Upgrade Offer

Dear Nuance customer,

Can you feel it? The days are finally becoming longer again! Before you start dreaming of warm summer nights with colourful party lights, let's get the winter out and create space for some spring sun. Just imagine those dewy meadows and crisp grass; birds, bees and blossoming beauty. Bring fresh air into your days, and make working on your computer a breeze! Make better use of the many resources you have, so you can get more done with less effort.

As a Nuance customer, we not only offer you the best software in its field. We also want you to get it at the sharpest price! So here's our Spring offer for you: upgrade to Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard 10.1 today for only € 49* - that's € 50 less than the usual retail price of € 99. To order click here.

Even better, why not upgrade to an even better version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10.1? The Preferred version gives you even more features, including the Web and Desktop Search commands, Microsoft Excel and Bluetooth support. See below for more features. We're offering you the one-time opportunity to upgrade to the Preferred version for only € 99 – that's only € 50 more than the upgrade to Standard 10.1, for an impressive array of features. To order click here.

This special spring upgrade offer is not available anywhere else and is only available until March 31st, 2010.

What's new in Standard 10.1

In this newest version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard 10.1, we introduced new features and optimised its existing powerful functionality to create a new software standard. As a Dragon user, you know all about how to use your voice to compile text on your PC. You probably already write three times faster than typing, without ever making a spelling error or typing mistake. Check out what else Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard 10.1 can do for you!

  • More Accurate Than Ever
    Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard 10.1 features unrivaled desktop speech recognition accuracy; it's up to 20% more accurate than Version 9!
  • Faster Than Ever
    Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard 10.1 also features significant improvement of response time when dictating, with more than 50% reduction in the time it takes for words to appear.
  • Quick Voice Formatting
    Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard 10.1 introduces direct commands for formatting, deleting, and copying named words and passages. Rather than selecting the relevant word(s) or passage and commanding what to do with that text (e.g., "Select very, [pause] Bold that"), you can now directly name the desired text with the desired action in a single voice command, such as "Bold very."
  • New UI Look and Feel
    Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard 10.1 introduces new graphical icons to enhance the DragonBar user interface, including a larger microphone icon. That makes Dragon a lot easier to use.
  • Improved Help System and Tutorials
    Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard 10.1 offers an enhanced Sample Commands window and interactive tutorial with a completely new look and feel. In addition, Dragon 10.1 also introduces a new mechanism to enable the creation of customisable help screens to keep your favourite commands close by.
Upgrade to Preferred 10.1

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred 10.1 is the most popular of all our speech recognition software packages. That's because it gives you complete voice control over your PC, at the best value. It takes the basic functionality of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard a step further with features that turn basic dictation into a full-fledged PC partner and secretary at your beck and call.

  • Import and export user profiles
    Export profiles from old versions and import them into your new version, all updates included. And if you ever switch to another version, you can take your complete profile with you!
  • Works with Microsoft Excel
    With Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred 10.1, you can even dictate into Excel spreadsheets. Incredibly handy for entering loads of figures and other information quickly.
  • Search the Web and your computer with Dragon Voice Shortcuts
    Need to find some information on the Web? Just say "Search the Web for global warming articles," or "Search eBay for Batman comic books." For Desktop search, the same applies. Just say "Search Desktop for Annual Report 2010" to get a list of documents containing these words in their title or body.
  • Bluetooth support
    Use Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred 10.1 with Nuance-approved Bluetooth headsets.
  • Be productive on the go
    Dictate into any Nuance-certified handheld device for automatic transcription when you synch with your PC.
  • Dictation playback
    Hear any text, such as incoming e-mail, read aloud using the most human-sounding voice available - Nuance's very own RealSpeak text-to-speech software. Or play back a recording of what you said so you can edit and correct your work.
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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard 10.1 - Exclusive Upgrade Offer
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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred 10.1 - Exclusive Upgrade Offer
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard 10.1 - Exclusive Upgrade Offer
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