Web copywriting

Just as important as the design of your website are the texts. Copy is king, because your visitors measure your competency, professionality and credibility from the quality of your texts. It can mean the difference between a Yes and a No. Many companies that don't make use of a professional copywriter miss the opportunity to maximize their impact with their potential customers.

Web copywriting: Writing for websites

Writing for the web is completely different to writing books or other printed media. A screen just doesn't lend itself (yet) to leasurely reading, so websites are read much faster than other media. The function of online texts is different: they don't just want to inform and entertain, but also lead the customer to a certain action.

In their search for relevant websites, visitors quickly scan the content of the site they land on. Often, the content doesn't match their expectations and they click away seconds later. The average website visitor only spends seven seconds on any website!

So if you're spending money on online advertising and your visitors don't like the content of your site, you're wasting money! Your web copy is the foundation for online success. A good web copywriter pays himself back by creating attractive copy that keeps people on your site, and that compels them to perform a certain action. But how?

Your online texts should be easy to read and relevant – and very scannable. That means that the subtitles reflect the content of the page; that selected keywords and key phrases jump out; etcetera. If your visitors find what they need fast, they'll stay and discover your site more.

Effective website texts adhere to strict rules. An own language, style, structure. Everything depends on the right keywords, headlines, paragraphs, bullet points, hyperlinks and calls to action.

YourCoach web copywriters

With more than ten years of copywriting experience in the e-commerce and website sector, YourCoach knows what a website text needs to look like. Our copywriting is commercial and relevant, and adapted to today's standards of online and SEO copywriting.

But that's not all: every text we write is unique and is geared towards motivating people to read on, discover the website or perform a certain conversion. With thousands of sites competing for attention, your web copy is essential to finding new customers, and keeping them.

YourCoach also offers other website services like webdesign, programming and web hosting, SEO, e-commerce and email marketing. Why go to another agency when you can get everything done under one roof?

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