Time Management Course in Brussels

Time ManagementFeeling swamped and overworked? You may have a hellish job, but chances are a bit of prioritizing and the right time management skills could make your work look a lot different.

Learn how to create more time to do what you think is important. Enjoy your work more, and take less of it home.

In this one day course, you’ll get powerful insights into how you’re wasting time right now. You’ll discover practical workflows that let you get more done in less time. You’ll be able to set your priorities right and still make the boss happy. Sound impossible? Find out!

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What you’ll learn in this Time Management Course

There are many approaches to time management. Ours is based on better prioritizing and practical workflows.

  • Prioritizing, short and long term
  • Dealing with external deadlines and expectations
  • Email, task and project management
  • Creating a unified system to process all incoming into one flow
  • Tips & Tricks on productivity and beating procrastination
  • ...

Time Management Workshop: practical information

Price: €175 (ex VAT) per person

Next edition: Wednesday November 7th, 2012, from 09h tot 16h30.

Location: Boston University, Boulevard du Triomphe, 174, Triomflaan B-1160 Brussels, Belgium

Teacher: Benjamin Ball is a passionate entrepreneur, and a tireless optimiser. His myriad activities force him to be efficient and lean in his time management. He bundles his years of experience in getting more work done and quality into your life in a one-day training that will stay with you for years to come.

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