Search engine optimisation

Our search engine optimisation (SEO) services bring your website to the top in Google! Simplicity and professionalism are our main assets. We don't do fancy tricks or sell complicated jargon; we focus on rewriting your existing pages, evaluating and restructuring your website, and optimising the amount and the quality of the links to and from your site.

This approach guarantees a qualitative, attractive site that is seen as such by Google and your website visitors. In our opinion, that's the best way to get qualified traffic to your site on the long term.

Optimising your website structure for Google

Search engines read your side differently than your visitors do. In fact, search engine spiders see one big text block, and that's where they get the words to decide what the page is all about. That means that if there is too much or confusing code, your pages will score less than pages that adapt their structure.

Certain texts that you may see as a user aren't read by the search engines, such as images and Flash texts. Everything you can't select with your cursor can't be read by the search engines. So it's important you choose where you put your texts, and in what format!

YourCoach helps you go through your site structure to help you score optimally.

SEO copywriting

YourCoach specialises in search engine copywriting, the writing of texts for search engine optimisation. Apart from the scannability and easy readability that are the trademark of good web copywriting, the SEO copywriter weaves certain keywords throughout the text so your pages end up higher in the search results.

Creating conversions

Attracting more visitors is of no use if they don't stay, if they don't contact you or if they don't buy anything. The best way to optimise your website is through creating qualitative and interesting pages that are of value both to your visitors and to search engines.

We look for the customers that you want to find, write pages that they will like and optimise these pages so they are easy to find in Google.

Building links

One of the most important elements with SEO is getting links from other sites to your site. But not just any link will do! Inbound links need to come from a relevant page, that is rated highly by Google. One link from a valuable site is better than thousands of links from small or badly rated sites.

YourCoach can assist you in creating a link building strategy.

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