Team coaching program

A team coaching program runs through different phases. Every program begins with an intake, where the question or problem is formulated. Then come the sessions themselves. Every session ends with an assignment that will serve as a starting point for the next session. In between sessions the team will make progress, so every coaching session can build on the previous one. After just a few sessions the coaching trajectory ends, and the team's evolution is evaluated.

Coaching Intake – orienting phase

A team coaching trajectory starts with a short orienting phase. What does the team want to learn and how does it sustain its current improductive way of working? Are the conditions for cooperation met? We map the structure, tasks, competencies and responsibilities of the team. We evaluate existing leadership structures.

We make arrangements about your conversational goals, the frequency (usually three to five two-day courses), the amount of individual sessions, reporting.

The coaching sessions

Every team coaching trajectory is tailor made. The content is decided upon in concurrence with the coach, the team members and the employer. We work from organisational and team goals, central values and competencies of the organization, and the functions of the team members. The manager of the team is usually present at the team coaching, as we go for a collective learning process.

Amount of sessions

In team coaching programs, we often work in two-day blocks. Every block contains a few essential lessons that form the basis for the next block.


Coaching is all about responsibility and autonomy! After a few sessions, the team can work toward its goals by itself. Before we end off, we evaluate the coaching sessions: did we reach the goals we set out for the sessions, did the team achieve the expected growth? If needed, we build in additional (individual) sessions.

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