The link between marketing and coaching

We regularly get the feedback that our business model is rather diverse, and somewhat confusing. What exactly is it that we do? Is it websites, or coaching, or both? And how do we combine those within one company?

We’re actually a hybrid company. We love variable activities, going from technical to personal. With our diverse interests we have grown expertise in various fields that we use in all of our work. Sometimes they’re separate (not every coaching client goes home with a website :D), and sometimes we use everything we know in one project.

Like with Personal Branding, where we create a brand from someone’s unique traits and starting from their own values and vision. We start with coaching, where we elicit someone’s internal values and align them to create a compelling story. Then we use all of our technical and creative skills to give this a concrete form. That consists of a logo, house style, website (with SEO), copywriting etcetera. This process ensures success: our clients tell us exactly what they want, and we hear them. Just take a look at our references!

It’s our belief that companies will become increasingly hybrid like us in future. The holistic, human approach is more and more prevalent in corporate life. People working from home. Companies like Google that have people spend one fifth of their working time on projects that have nothing to do with their daily task. The shift in team buildings from learning specific skills to getting to the person below the professional, and developing him or her.

Our orientation is intuitive and based on our many interests. And because we’re passionate in all we do, success is guaranteed! We can help our clients on different levels, which means they can consult us for both personal and professional questions – and get them aligned.

What do you think about our business model and/or the way we present it? What can we improve? Let us know!

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