Some Golden Rules of Entrepreneurship

Just a few nuggets…

For manifesting your future business

I. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just do something and improve it as you go along. Spend more time on implementing your decisions (99%) than on making them (1%).

II. Don’t be afraid to adapt. The worst thing you can do is keep pushing something that has no chance of surviving. Also, don’t be afraid to persevere when you really believe in something. Learn to balance these two considerations, it’s the art that will define your success.

III. Don’t let yourself be scared of competition, the economic climate… or by your well-meaning surroundings. The time is always wrong, and always right. Keep your vision firmly in mind, and go for it! You will survive.

Golden Rules of Entrepreneurship

For running your business

I. Go all out or don’t go out at all. Employees can get away with shrugging things off when they leave the building. As an entrepreneur, the game is always on. For one, always have your business cards with you. Going for it is not the same as being pushy or stressed out though!

II. Do one thing at a time. Limit multitasking. When you’re offering different services or products, build out one of them at a time. Focus all your energy on that one thing until it begins to run itself. The others will automatically follow, and growing them will become easier.

III. It’s not about you, it’s about your customer. You can make excuses and feel sorry for yourself all you want; in the end the only thing people will buy is a valuable product and memorable service. Embrace – even look for – complaints and difficult customers, they’re your main source of improvement.

Golden Rules of Entrepreneurship

The Ultimate Rule Of Entrepreneurship

Make your own rules. Please, don’t take my golden  rules too seriously. They’re made up, which is true for pretty much everything. The whole world could be telling you it’s impossible, but what if you can prove them wrong? You became independent to do your own thing, so do it!

Golden Rules of Entrepreneurship

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