Solving the Belgian politicial crisis – systemically

The Belgian Systemic Institute researches and teaches system dynamics. Based on the technique of family- and organisational constellations, certain basic dynamics can be deducted about the way people connect in groups. The most elementary system is our family of origin, but the Belgian political system can also be considered a system.

For the moment, one thing is abundantly clear: our political system is far from harmonious and effective. Systemically, it has root causes that can be found much deeper than the way it’s being tackled today. And that’s what we’ll be looking at on the 23rd of June: to undersand the deeper dynamics of the political stalemate.

We’ll start off with some short insights into systemic work and what its possibilities are. Then everybody’s invited to participate in the group constellation that will create deeper insight. It’s an ideal way to get to know systemic work, and who knows – to save Belgium.

Mail us on to enroll or for more information (the whole event will be in Dutch).

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