Tom HallezTom Hallez

After my History studies and postgraduate in Media and Informatics, I worked as a trainer at the Flemish public employment agency. In 2000, I transitioned to corporate life and became the Internet Marketing Manager at Lernout & Hauspie, which was later to become Nuance. I was responsible worldwide for the company's websites (internal and external), e-commerce, Internet marketing campaigns and successfully managed the website integration of more than 25 acquired companies.

With nearly 10 years of corporate experience, I began to focus on coaching in 2007. I first became a rtified life coach, then specialised in executive coaching for companies and organisations. I'm also a certified NLP Master Practitioner at the New York Training Institute, and certified in Thomas International's personality profiles.

Within YourCoach, I am the elephant. This is a metaphor for power, wisdom and perseverance. I believe everyone can change, and coaching is about creation, bringing ideas and dreams to life. My specific passions are for Asia, bouddhism and yoga.

Benjamin BallBenjamin Ball

I've always been an active dreamer. I like doing things my way, and I'm interested in various things. That's why I enjoyed the experience of studying law and later working in e-commerce at an American multinational, and why I left both behind to pursue my deeper interests.

I love sports (squash, rugby and surfing), especially the adrenaline and feeling physically fit. I also love traveling and reading, and playing music (mostly campfire songs :D). I enjoy discovering new things, and spending time with good friends. I've always been interested in personal growth and what motivates people, what obstacles they face and how we reach our goals.

That's why I became a life coach in 2008, and launched myself full-time into YourCoach in 2009. Since then, I've been combining my main interests in life: learning about people and guiding myself and others to growth; writing and creating new life in the form of businesses and relationships. For me, these influence and complement each other constantly. Within YourCoach I'm the winged lion. It's a symbol for maximizing your human potential, making an adventure of every day. To come up with exciting new ideas and then to commit fully to making them real. To recognise and take on your challenges, and being open to the endless possibilities that life has on offer. Today is the beginning of the rest of your life!


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